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Gelish vs Nail Polish vs Nail Wraps

Finding a beauty routine that's perfect for you is sometimes a complicated journey. With so many options available, it's hard to decide when considering between quality, price, effectiveness etc... These are the thoughts that go through our heads when we consider different manicure options. WBU?


  • Soooo nice and shiny and usually done absolutely perfectly
  • Never have to worry about it chipping
  • Wallet cries with every bling/design/magnetic cat eye add on
  • Have to buy a package or keep hearing about it every visit
  • Sometimes nails need a break as it can be kinda damaging

Nail Polish 


  • Cheaper than gelish so can afford the classic option, dead skin be gone
  • Nail polish chips in a few days 
  • Time spent with mini fan blowing your nails feels like an eternity

At home

  • Right hand damn nice, left hand disaster (vice-versa if you're a leftie)
  • Limited color choice 

Nail Wraps

  • No need to research designs on Pinterest or Instagram
  • Stress when only got 1 - 2 chances to stick in the right position
  • Can't tell they're stickers from afar
  • Nail art without having to be an artist or pay extra at salons

Our pick:

We'd go with nail wraps for looking cute every day. And an occasional trip to the nail salon cuz it's great getting your cuticles and dead skin trimmed professionally every once in a while.